Jump On The Brewer Bandwagon

Edmonton is without a Major League Baseball team, and that breaks my heart. I am a passionate baseball fan and will watch any game at any level. Major League Baseball is the best of the best. I grew up in Milwaukee and have been watching the Milwaukee Brewers since the late 70s. I would likeContinue reading “Jump On The Brewer Bandwagon”

People of Edmonton, Consider the Giants

The 2021 baseball season is upon us. This time, it arrived in time and with a full, 162 games schedule. As nice as this sounds, I assume there’s some bitterness after the Expos’ moved from a country that clearly deserves two ball clubs but only has the Blue Jays. It’s understandable for the fine peopleContinue reading “People of Edmonton, Consider the Giants”

OK Blue Jays

Let’s be honest. Len’s article on why you should cheer for the Colorado Rockies was well done, but come on. You’re an Edmontonian (probably), an Albertan, and a patriotic Canadian. You’re not going to cheer for the Rockies. As a proud canuck, you want to cheer for Canada’s Team: The Toronto Blue Jays. For returning members ofContinue reading “OK Blue Jays”