Catching up with Sean MacDonell

With Ginga Ninja Dirt Promotions transitioning out of Castrol Raceway’s Dirt Oval Track and Allwest Powersports preparing to move in, I felt the need to tie up a loose end. In the article announcing the transition,¬† the Ginga Ninja himself said the following about his 360 Sprint Car racer son: “Sean was going to beContinue reading “Catching up with Sean MacDonell”

My experience at my first Ginga Ninja racing event

Fair warning, this is by no means a technical review of the Ginga Ninja Nite Thunder racing event held at Castrol Raceway on Saturday July 18th. This is a recollection of what was my first racing event ever. An event that made both me and my wife fans of dirt track oval racing. As myContinue reading “My experience at my first Ginga Ninja racing event”

Learning More About Dirt Track Sprint Car Racing With Sean MacDonell

My introduction to the world of car racing came via an interview with the Ginga Ninja, Ron MacDonell. In that article Ron references his son Sean a couple times.¬†Sean MacDonell’s numerous accolades are listed in the cover photo to this article. In the quest to continue learning about car racing, specifically dirt track sprint carContinue reading “Learning More About Dirt Track Sprint Car Racing With Sean MacDonell”