Impact FC UWS, Building Through Captaincy

You are tasked with building a team from scratch, how do you proceed? Welcome to the task at hand for United Women’s Soccer (UWS) expansion club the St. Albert Impact, more commonly referred to as Impact FC UWS. The Impact FC UWS, began the process by hiring two-time UWS Coach of the Year Troye FlanneryContinue reading “Impact FC UWS, Building Through Captaincy”

FC Edmonton Email Signup, Do It For Coach Koch Corner

Allow me to share with you a letter from FC Edmonton Coach Alan Koch that was put into the Club’s email blast to their fans: “Hello FCE supporters, and welcome to the Coach’s Corner! I cannot express enough how excited my family and I are to be back in Canada and in Edmonton. It hasContinue reading “FC Edmonton Email Signup, Do It For Coach Koch Corner”

Naming woes, a hard name to spell, UWS signing

Naming Woes A not so crazy conspiracy theory – the Edmonton Football Team mindfully released their list of potential new team names the day before the Canadian Football League (CFL) free agency period officially started. This way, in case the team names were not well received, the Club could distract fans with their new playerContinue reading “Naming woes, a hard name to spell, UWS signing”