Daydreaming about the Month of May

The five Canadian provinces in the National Hockey League have signed off on allowing their respective teams to travel throughout Canada therefore enabling the magical words of “game on”. With each provincial government enforcing different levels of the words “lock down”, no fans will be allowed in attendance…for now. But what about the month ofContinue reading “Daydreaming about the Month of May”

An Unofficial look at the FC Edmonton roster

New FC Edmonton General Manager Eric Newendorp gave Eddies fans a few early Christmas presents announcing a trio of player transactions. New Eddies coach Alan Koch is now tasked with turning these presents into a presence at Clarke Stadium for the 2021 Canadian Premier League (CPL) season. Latest Acquisitions: Paris Gee – “He’s certainly aContinue reading “An Unofficial look at the FC Edmonton roster”

Being a Supporters Group member for FC Edmonton means?

In terms of covering FC Edmonton, the fact is I attend games (season ticket holder) for the antics of the River Valley Vanguard (RVV) Supporters Group more so than the tactics played on the pitch. I’ve argued about the double standard held against supporters groups. I’ve promoted a few of the faces of the RVV.Continue reading “Being a Supporters Group member for FC Edmonton means?”