Winter Blues Brings Spring Sports

With four months having gone by since my last article, I can proudly say I’ve lost 22 pounds through better diet and exercise. With news that gyms will be closing down for a month, let’s dust off the laptop. The first couple of years that I worked for the Edmonton Rush Lacrosse Club, the teamContinue reading “Winter Blues Brings Spring Sports”

It’s Nice To Need A Sports Calendar Again

Slowly but surely sports are returning. The packed stadiums and arenas are still on hold as their is an AHS mandate declaring 100 fans max for indoor events, and 200 max for outdoor sporting events. Soon though, there will be sports on CBC, TSN and Sportsnet that feature Edmonton teams playing in real time. TheContinue reading “It’s Nice To Need A Sports Calendar Again”

An Interview With A Literal Lacrosse Twitter Warrior

If your team name is the Edmonton Sr. B Warriors and you run the team’s Twitter account, that literally makes you a “lacrosse Twitter Warrior”. That’s your explanation for the title. This will not be an interview featuring “hot takes” normally associated with the term “twitter warrior”. This is about fun! Something I believe weContinue reading “An Interview With A Literal Lacrosse Twitter Warrior”